US Gadz energy first networking meeting took place on November 9th.

This first-of-its-kind meeting was organized by Patrice Brossard (Bo 195), DG Ameriques, and draw 13 participants, all gadz'arts working in the energy sector in the United States.

Energy sector with centers in Texas and California, is traditionally a very popular working area for gadz'arts based in the US. Our alumni work in such companies as Schlumberger, TOTAL, Subsea7, TechnipFMC, NOV as well as different renewable energy technologies groups and startups.

Patrice Brossard told us about the meeting:

"It was the 1st time that several Gadzarts from the Energy sector met to frame up our "Energy Gadzarts" networking group. My objective is to enhance networking activities among the Gadzarts in USA to help for business relationships in the Energy sector and also help out young Gadzarts to find internships. Next event will be held in person in January to kick-off this initiative."

Gadz Energy Network_Nov_2021.png