In October AFAM participated in an A&M Entrepreneurship Ecosystem coordination October meeting. It was for the first time that AFAM joined this meeting to share its vision on how AFAM can become a part of A&M entrepreneurship ecosystem.

The meeting was organized by Jean-Guy Quéromès ( An 172) and took place both off-line in Iéna and online.

15 people including Jean-Guy Quéromès ( An 172), Bertrand Coulon (Cl 195), Amvalor Director, Patrice Dubois (Am 195), in charge of CREDA program, Joël Saingré, Arts et Metiers Acceleration (AMA) General Manager, Patrick Cantelli (Cl 185), Artset Metiers Business Angels, Sandra Cologne, in charge of Innovation at Arts et Metiers school, Charles Lannegrace (Ch 219), Paris AMJE President and others participated in this fall meeting.

During the meeting AFAM community manager Albina Patou-Chebykina shared a new project - Yosemite Mentorship Program for gadz'arts entrepreneurs - ready to be launched this fall by the association.

We hope that this coordination meeting will be one of many meetings hold by la SOCE, the school and other A&M entrepreneurship structures. We are looking forward to finding a the new place for AFAM in the complexe A&M entrepreneurship setting.