La Fondation Arts et Métiers was created in 1977. The mission of the Fondation is to facilitate excess to science and technologies, encourage research and education in these sectors, promote engineering action.

La Fondation Arts et Métiers manages all the funds received as donations, gifts or bequests according to the expressed wishes of the donors.

La Fondation Arts et Métiers provides awards to foster excellence of engineering students and PhD students as well as loans to finance post-doctoral studies or companies’ establishment.

La Fondation Arts et Métiers takes part in the life of the School fund-raising to maintain the School, and to build school residencies.

La Fondation Arts et Métiers has its headquarters in Paris et has an establishment dedicated to history and to the spread of advanced science and technologies - Liancourt (Oise) - where the School of Arts et Métiers has been established by the Duc de La Rochefoucauld-Liancourt in 1780.

La Fondation Arts et Métiers edits Books and Documents, witnesses of this heritage.

The objectives of La Fondation Arts et Métiers are the following:

  1. Support for engineering training in Higher education and Scientific and Technological Research;
  2. Encouragement of Research and Innovation, in particular by providing scholarships and awards as well as financing of researchers’ contracts;
  3. Support of high school and university students in difficulty willing to pursue scientific and technological studies;
  4. Communicating scientific and technological knowledge to the public;
  5. Support for creating and developing companies;
  6. Highlighting of French scientific, technological and industrial heritage, as well as cultural and social heritage associated with engineering.

Since AFAM’s creation in 2007, AFAM Board has always included one member of La Fondation Arts et Métiers.

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