FAQ for Arts et Métiers Students and Alumni

What is AFAM?

The American Friends of Arts et Métiers (AFAM) is a non-profit organization of type 501(c) (3) incorporated in California. AFAM helps grow the brand of Arts et Métiers in the United States.

FAQ for Companies

What is the Shasta Internship Program?

Created in January 2010, Shasta Internship program is a program designed to help Arts et Métiers ParisTech students get an international experience in the United States. The program is named after Mt. Shasta, a majestic dormant volcano in Northern California and a spectacular site that interns should visit during their stay.


What do we need to do to obtain a work visa for an intern?

You will just need to fill forms (A Training/Internship Placement Plan, Form DS-7002) which will take you around 2 hours to fill out. The J-1 visa process is initiated by the student who works with a sponsor (InterExchange, Parenthèse etc) to get the visa.

If you want to take care of your interns’ visa yourself, but have never done it before and would like to know more about it, you can contact AFAM’s partner InternAbroad for more information:

Leslie Dollet

[email protected]

Phone: (786) 357-5519
Miami / San Francisco

More information is available on the following websites:

http://www.internabroadusa.com, http://www.interexchange.org/careertrainingusa, Parenthèse London and http://www.faccsf.com.

Compensation and Benefits

What compensation should we offer to intern?

The compensation is ultimately set by the employer. AFAM recommends a minimum compensation of $2000 per month depending upon the location of the position.

FAQ for Students

Do I need a Visa to work as an intern in the US?

Yes, you do, unless you happen to be a U.S. citizen. It is not legal to work in the United States unless you have a qualified visa, even for a short period of time such as a summer internship. The visas for which you may qualify are of type F1 or J1.