Shasta Grant/Loan

Any Arts et Métiers student coming to the US for an internship may apply for AFAM financial support (Shasta Grant). Maximum amount of a Shasta grant is $4,000/student.

Conditions for application (all documents should be submitted in English)

  • Being currently enrolled as a student or an apprentice student of Arts et Metiers.
  • Having an approved internship in the US – with approved VISA (J1).
  • A formal request for financial support has to be sent to the Community Manager.
    It must include the following information:
      • Resume
      • Description of the internship – including approval from the company providing internship
      • Accepted visa receipt
      • Motivation for the internship / financial support request
      • Two-character references, attesting to the honesty, integrity, and earnestness of the applicant
      • An engagement of providing updated feedback to the board
      • A preliminary budget (you can ask a community manager for a template)
      • Any other public aid should be disclosed in the application and the preliminary budget (aid from MESR or any other la SOCE financial help)


  • Approval from a decisional committee delegated by the AFAM board empowered to make recommendation to assign – or not – a financial support upon request.
  • AFAM board formal vetting based on a decisional committee to the board.

Approximate deadlines to submit a complete application (those deadlines might slightly change):

    • In February, before February 25th
    • In May, before May 25th
    • In August, before August 25th
    • In November, before November 25th

To proceed with your funding request and get information about deadlines or if you have any questions, please contact Albina Patou-Chebykina.

While preparing for your American journey, please check out other types of financial support available for you.

Financial help offered by la SOCE and la Fondation (Louis Magne grant, loans, AMI grant etc.)

For more information please visit: