AFAM community manager Albina Patou-Chebykina visited the school in November 2021. Every year AFAM community manager visits the school to meet the school teams and inform students about our programs. The exception was made in 2020 because of the Covid-19 spread.

During the one-week November visit Albina met students and faculty members on Paris, Angers and Cluny campuses.

The first day of her visit Albina met with la SOCE representative Cyril Poinsot (Cl 193), former International Projects VP at la SOCE and current international coordinator at ParisTech Alumni.

Cyril mentioned the importance of AFAM's role in students' lives: "For more than 10 years, AFAM has been a helpful support for our Arts & Métiers students attracted by the US. Whatever their target (studies, internships...), AFAM can help while preparing their project, and during their stay."


Cyril Poinsot and Albina Patou-Chebykina during the meeting


Albina met parcours US and other 2nd and 3rd year Paris-based students to talk about Shasta internship program as well as a new entrepreneurship program Yosemite.

Parcours US students could listen to Ariel Cohen-Codar's (Ai 216) testimonial. Ariel could find a moment to come to the school's campus to talk about his experience at Columbia university while he was a parcours US student.


Parcours US students at the meeting with Albina and Ariel


Ariel Cohen-Codar talks about his American experience during the meeting with parcours US students



Reading a message from a 2020 parcours US student who is currently studying at UC Berkeley addressed to 2021 parcours US students


On Thursday on November 18th Albina came to Angers campus where she could meet students interested in the US. The day started with a conversation with Angers director Jean Quessada.


The beautiful City of Angers



Angers students during the Shasta meeting



Hervé Vimond ( An 183) at the meeting with students


On Friday Albina took to the road to Cluny where she could meet the director Michel Jauzein, faculty members and the students.

Thanks to Professor Gérard Poulachon, director of LaBoMaP laboratory, Albina could visit the lab and learn about the research activities on Cluny campus and students projects.



Gérard Poulachon, Professor and LaBoMaP director, in front of students' project (astronomical clock)



Cluny campus



Remains of the original building of the Cluny church, the biggest European church, completely destroyed during the French revolution of 1790




Scarabée d'or is a big project accomplished by Cluny Arts et Metiers students


Cluny students during the Shasta presentation made by Albina Patou-Chebykina and Merwan Benhabib (Ch 203)


Merwan Benhabib (Ch 203) from California talks to Cluny students during the Shasta presentation