As you may know Arts et Métiers ParisTech allows some of their students to study in graduate programs in US universities by equivalence of their last year of study of their “Diplome d’ingenieur”.
As every year, second-year Arts et Métiers students applied to different programs in Aerospace Engineering, Biomechanics Engineering, Civil Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Materials Engineering, and Mechanical Engineering in more than 17 US universities. We are proud to announce that 27 students were admitted for the fall semester in graduate programs:
  • 1 at MIT
  • 9 at UC Berkeley
  • 8 at Georgia Tech
  • 2 at University of Michigan
  • 2 at University of Florida
  • 1 at Texas A&M
  • 1 at Rice University
  • 1 at UCLA in Master/PhD track
  • 1 at Purdue
  • 1 at Columbia
We congratulate them and wish them all the best for the next year!