Tour Eiffel

November 13th just became a date to remember in tragedy as January 7th  earlier this year.

Last Friday France was attacked. In the words of Arts et Métiers ParisTech’s director Laurent Carraro, our Nation, our Democracy, our Society, our Values, our Freedom have been affected. It was a tense and horrific night for French people all over the world, spent in the anxiety and fear of learning of a close relative or friend lost during the random shootings.

Our Arts et Métiers community has been affected too. We just learned that Isabelle (Li182) and Jean-Yves Moulin (Li181) lost their beloved daughter Justine. She was killed in the attack that struck a Cambodian restaurant.  American Friends of Arts et Métiers is directly touched by this event as Isabelle and Jean-Yves are classmates of Xavier Wartelle, AFAM co-founder and board member.

We are deeply saddened, horrified, affected by the devastating attacks. Our thoughts and sympathy go to the victims and their family.

The more you attempt to strike us, the more strongly we feel united.

“Fraternité est la notre devise”