2019 is gone. Let's  look back at some significant events for our school, alumni and students and some important moments of 2019 for American Friends of Arts et Metiers.

We can't wait to see what the new decade will bring to our community!

January 2019

Laurent Champaney wishes a Happy New 2019 and talks about new projects for the school

Notes about UC Berkeley and Georgia Institute of Technology are published in our blog (signed by Louis Renaux (Cl 216) and Alexis Cassier (Me 215). These two engineering schools are the most popular destinations for our students as every year a lot of gadzarts are going to Berkeley and Atlanta within the framework of Parcours US or GT exchange programs.

February 2019

First gadz gathering is organized in Atlanta by our Atlanta representative and AFAM board member Nicolas Horde (Ai 215). Our communities on East, West Coast and in the Center are very dynamic and there are a lot of different events organized thanks to our groups' presidents JB Commans, Eric Tran, Mattia Pelissou and other groups' members.

March 2019

Arts et Metiers is displaying its new identity at Global Industry Exhibition.

Arts et Metiers students Clément, Jean and Maxime are selected for World Skills competition taking place in Russia in August 2019

Partnership with Data ScienceTech Institute is signed to tackle the Digitalization Challenge

French Fab Manifesto by BPIFrance and Arts et Métiers (by Alexandre Rigal and Nicolas Duforcq) appears in the press

Two gadzarts-interns are receiving AFAM grants (another gadzart will receive a grant in June 2019)

April 2019

AFAM celebrates spring with Arts et Metiers alumnas Anne-Perrine, Basma, Fanny, Mathilde and Soazig who are featured in our spring editions.

May 2019

50 students from Texas A&M University came to Aix-en-Provence campus

Arts et Metiers and Dassault Systems signed Memorandum of Understanding

June 2019

Art et Metiers is the first school becoming French Fab ambassador

Grandes UAI take place on Aix-en-Provence campus

July 2019

Gadzarts team participated in AAGEF Regatta in NYC

The first intern from Texas A&M University Lucas Freitas is welcomed in Aix-en-Provence's MSMP laboratory

Arts et Metiers and EDF sign a partnership agreement

Arts et Metiers students take part in French Fab Tour

August 2019

AFAM prepares its Shasta Special Edition of the newsletter with a collection of "When I was a J1 intern" stories and Shasta Mentor of the Year election results

September 2019

Arts et Metiers unveils its new visual identity

Arts et Metiers has its Think Tank

October 2019

A very sad event occurred this month - passing of Louis Magne (An 130) at age 106. This Grand Gadz'arts helped the school and young students throughout his long life.

Arts et Metiers Shanghai Congress is organized

Third Arts et Metiers/TEES workshop takes place in College Station

AFAM launches a new series of interviews "Food for Thought" including five interviews

November 2019

40th edition of Arts et Metiers' Forum takes place in Paris

AFAM's community manager travels in France (Paris, Bordeaux and Aix-en-Provence campuses) to meet students and school faculty and staff - read "On the Road Notes"

AFAM's first event "The Mobility Revolution" co-organized with French Founders takes place in Palo Alto

December 2019

Baptemes of new Gadzarts are occurring on six Arts et Metiers campuses. Bapteme on Bordeaux campus will take place on February 2020.