Georgia Institute of Technology (GT) has a really nice campus. For a French student, it is so different than what we are used to. The best place on campus is definitely Tech Green, which is a nice place in the middle of the campus where people gather, eat or relax. It is really cool to stop there at noon and have your lunch under the sun.

Beyond that, another place that you can’t miss is the CRC, the Campus Recreational Center! There, you can run, swim or climb in an amazing facility. And the swimming events of the 1996 Olympics took place here.

Swimming poll at the CRC

Also, you can’t miss a football game at Bobby Dodd Stadium! Football here is a religion and people gather hours before the game with friends and families.

Photo: Georgia Tech football game at Bobby Dodd Stadium

But the campus is one thing. The city of Atlanta has plenty other places to show!

To be continued....