Thanksgiving Day is a time to give thanks and express our gratitude. AFAM decided to collect some testimonies from our students who benefited from Louis Magne's generosity and obtained Louis Magne scholarship to study in the United States. As you might know Louis Magne, the Grand Gadz'arts, passed away at age 106 on October 29th, 2019. We are extremely grateful to him for everything he did for AFAM, for the school and for a lot of young gadz'arts.

Here is what our students and alumni wrote:

Thanks to Louis Magne grant I was able to seize the opportunity to discover the US and American culture. It was a great support financially for the accomplishment of my Master of Science degree at University of Michigan - Ann Arbor. I also had the opportunity to celebrate Louis' Birthday with other Louis Magne grant recipients in 2015 in Houston. I am very respectful about his open-mindedness and humbleness. And I will always remember his generosity and kindness. 

Bingbing Wu (Cl 203)

Bingbing and other recipients of Louis Magne grant in Iena, Paris, 2004

Thanks to Louis Magne grant I was able to fully focus on studies and activities at my University. This allowed me to further develop my skills and get the best of my time in the US. But, more than just the scholarship, I will remember Louis Magne as a very inspiring figure, a Gadz’arts who made it to the top while helping others in their goal to succeed. The kind of person anyone wants to become. Thank you, Louis Magne and may you rest in peace.

Antoine Yazbeck, (Ch 217)

Receiving Louis Magne grant allowed me to do a Master degree at Stanford University by helping me to finance my project. Therefore, I am very thankful to Louis Magne. 

Eléonore Jacquemet (Li 217)

I am grateful to have been a recipient of the Louis Magne Fellowship. He helped me finance my studies at the Georgia Institute of Technology, where I obtained a master's degree in mechanical engineering. This year of study has been very exciting and interesting in many ways. This was made possible thanks to people like Louis Magne. I find it very impressive that throughout his life, he has devoted his time and money to helping other young gadzarts. Louis Magne has definitely raised solidarity to a very high level, I will never be grateful enough for his help.

Merci beaucoup,

Eymard Prevost (Li215)

I am extremely grateful to have been a beneficiary of Louis Magne Scholarship, which helped me pursue my studies in the United States. I have never met Mr. Louis Magne in person, but I felt immersed by his huge generosity. May your generosity and kindness inspire generations to come. Thank you, Mr. Louis Magne, and may you rest in peace.

Robert Gan (Bo 216)

I never had the chance to meet Louis Magne and I would have been delighted to thank him, face to face. But I take the opportunity today through this message. His grant of up to $4,000 for Georgia Tech Lorraine/Atlanta program with Arts et Metiers was the highest I received from France. It is a very significant amount and it definitely allows me to lighten the burden of my American studies. He wanted to give an opportunity to every gadzart that had and have the ambition to start their career in the US within the top ranked universities of the world. I think this message is a first step to thank him for his help. However, I do believe our best gratitude will be our future success after accessing to these world top universities. 

Sébastien Sequeira (Bo 216)


I would like to thank Louis Magne for allowing me and a lot of our fellow “Gadzarts” to live a life-changing experience in the US. Thanks to his grant I was not only able to continue my studies in one of the most prestigious school in the US but also to challenge myself and grow as a person. For that I will be forever grateful.

Grégoire Magdelaine (89ch216)


The Louis Magne scholarship allowed me to fully benefit from my experience in the USA, from a professional, academic and personal point of view. I would like to thank Louis Magne for allowing generations of Gadzarts to have the same experience in a serene way thanks to his financial support.

Laurent Bimont (Li215/GT2018)

Receiving Louis Magne’s grant has allowed me to fund my Master’s degree in the USA. It was a lifetime experience and I will be forever grateful to him for giving me this opportunity. But beyond this, Louis Magne has been a role model in my eyes. As a proud Gadz, seeing this great man so involved in the school for years will forever be inspiring. As an engineer, having worked at Schlumberger in Houston, I also saw the respect people had for the engineer he was. May he rest In Peace.

Oumaïma Makhlouk (Li 215)

I am grateful to Louis Magne for being the symbol of the support of the Arts et Métiers community. Thank you for helping me in the realization of my project: pursuing my studies in the United States.

Hugo Hamon (An217)

Thanks to Louis Magne grant I was able to fulfill my desire to study in the US. This help allowed me to enter Georgia Tech for a MSc in Mechanical Engineering but also to discover the American culture at the same time. I would like to sincerely thank him for his generosity towards young Gadzarts.


Paul CANU (Li216)

In January 2020, I will land in the USA. By following classes in Texas A&M University, I will be able to improve my acknowledge in aeronautics. Besides, I will visit and live in the country that fascinates me. Thanks to Louis Magne grant, I can say this is not a dream anymore. I am extremely grateful to have been a beneficiary of his generosity.

Louis de Moro (Ai 217)

Thanks to Louis Magne grant, I was able to study in one of the most prestigious Universities in the US. I am very grateful to this man who embodies perfectly the values of the Gadzarts. All the alumni from Arts et Métiers have fraternity as their motto. However, Louis Magne gave a real meaning to this word. Even if I never had the chance to meet him, even if we had a 84 years old difference, this man has been a great help to me. I will be forever grateful and will remember him as an example. In the hearts of all the Gadzats he inspired, the legacy remains and continuous throughout generations.

Louis du Chassin (Li216)