Just days after the United States celebrated their 235th birthday, and also days before the Arts et Metiers ParisTech engineering school celebrated its 225th anniversary, Emmanuel Duteil, the US Chief Editor of BFM Business the leading Business information news network in France, interviewed AFAM CFO and Board Member Thomas Ferre about its activities. There, Thomas addressed the need for school to develop internationally and highlighted the success of the efforts and achievements of AFAM in its mission to support the US development of A&MPT. AFAM has long fed upon the creativity of its board members to provide more ways to support students, through increasing donations, internships, and by helping strategic academic alliances with US universities, working towards what Thomas concludes as "an increasing A&M alumni base". The media attention to AFAM's activities highlights the continued attention of the business community on the dynamic and international activities of the Arts et Metiers ParisTech engineering school.

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