The AFAM Silicon Valley chapter met informally over dinner on July 19, 2011 at Il Fornaio in Palo Alto.  Participants included Norvan Sahiner, Loris Dzagoyan, Arnaud Caruso, Laurent Dalla-Longa, Anais Bonito, Jean Baptiste Gariel, Michel Brun, Marc-Joseph Antonini, Benoit Altairac, Xavier Wartelle, Claude Leglise, Eric Benhamou and Guilhem Herail.

As most of the students present at the dinner are doing an internship at University of California Berkeley, there was a long discussion about the growing connections between Arts et Metiers ParisTech and this university. The students were amazed to discover the heart of the Silicon Valley,  which is a wonderful seedbed for entrepreneurs and fast growing enterprises like Facebook and Google thanks to its venture capitals and investors. This dinner was the opportunity for the San Francisco Bay Area Arts et Metiers ParisTech Students and Alumnus to meet and reinforce the friendship and brotherhood links that will make our community alive and long lasting in the USA.




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