September 2022 was announced as a Shasta Month. In November AFAM community manager will be visiting Paris, Lille et Chalôns-en-Champagne campus to talk to students about our different programs - Shasta, Yosemite and Sequoia ( please see the program of AFAM community manager visit in our November calendar).

Why joining Shasta might be so important for a student? Our mentors are well-placed to know it.


Jean-Christophe (Me 213), Shasta mentor:

“Shasta Mentorship is designed to help students in every way possible as they search for US internships. It provides cultural and administrative guidance, as well as the opportunity for the mentor to share his network with the mentee.


When I was a Shasta mentor I was fortunate to meet very motivated students that were willing to work hard in their endeavor. The job market is very dynamic and standing out takes perseverance. It was wonderful to see students who wanted to take on the world, and to be able to provide them with the necessary help.


Being a Shasta mentor means helping different students in different situations. Helping to prepare a clear battle plan the real value added, as for most student this is usually their first job search. It's incredibly rewarding when a student sends an email on his first day at work! 


I joined a Shasta program as a mentor because I had benefited at from being exposed at an early age to American culture, and thought it necessary to pass on what could help my fellow students.


Speaking about Shasta program I can say that it is held by the incredible devotion of the program members and that students should take full advantage of this wonderful group!”


Jean ( An 83), Shasta mentor and Shasta committee member:

"Mentorship is a wonderful relationship in which both mentor and mentee freely engage in mutual growth, outside of traditional intricacies of reporting structures. A must to succeed in all areas of our lives"