In a few days our parcours US students will start their master's programs in the American Universities. This year 100% of our parcours US students were admitted to American universities! Congratulations!

What are some advice we can be giving them today, just a few days before the classes start?

- Work hard and stay focused!

- Reach out and ask questions!

- Form study groups, go to office hours - anything you can do to add to your learning in class

- Meet people, socialize with your classmates!

- Find ways to connect with people early in the semester

- Connect with the Career Center and go to Career Fairs as Employers will be looking for Interns!

- Have Fun!

- Last but not least, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and your regional groups to say hello!  Sign up for AFAM newsletter and stay in touch with other gadz'arts in the US

Good luck to all of you and see you soon!

gadz_Saratoga_May 2022.jpg

Picture: Some members of our gadz'arts community in SF bay area including several of our UC Berkeley ( parcours US) students