September 2022 is announced as Shasta month. This month we will be talking about our program Shasta and our students and mentors.

Here are some recent testimonials and thank you notes from our students who pursued the program:


Testimonial #1:

"The Mentor in the Shasta program is for me an incredible person who sacrifices his personal time for you, asking nothing in return but respect. He or she helps you cross that all-important crossroads where you arrive to launch yourself into the professional world. Your mentor will help you prepare yourself to find the internship that suits you best by helping you create a professional image (Portfolio, Resume, Linkedin, ...) and by training you to pass the interviews to get your internship.

For me, my mentor was a support and a source of experience that I needed to succeed in finding my internship in the United States. A big thank you to you Marc!"


Testimonial #2:

"Through AFAM, I was able to connect with a mentor and other American alumni. They gave me a clear idea of the American job market and its expectations. It is a unique opportunity to become familiar with these concepts in order to better prepare for future stays."


Testimonial #3:

"I really appreciated working with my mentor, Marianna. During several months she helped me build a strong profile that met American job market standards.
She also gave me essential tips and insights of what it is to work in the US as an intern. All along the program, I really felt supported and encouraged, and I will always be grateful for the time she took to help me achieve my goal. The American experience is not for today, but those last months were not vain. I’m convinced that everything I have learned through the Shasta program will be very useful as I intend to do a VIE in the US after graduation."


Testimonial #4:

"Doing a nuclear internship in the US is not an easy task but my mentor and AFAM helped me navigate the complexity of the US system. Not only they elucidated the process of admission, but they also explained to me the landscape of the nuclear sector and its pros and cons. I ended being accepted to do an internship at MIT in the field of micro-reactors, but decided to refuse the offer ...... as I will be going in April for a internship in the development of the EPR being constructed in England.

I would like to thank again both Pierre-Alexandre (Shasta mentor) and Albina (community manager) for their help and I definitely recommend the program to students wanting to come to the US. As I still want to live the US/Canada experience, I will try again next year and will be looking for a job as a nuclear engineer."


Testimonial #5:

"I thank my mentor for his coaching and his valuable experience of American practices and the differences with the French job market. This allowed me to be more prepared for the interviews I had."


Testimonial #6:

"My mentor helped me tremendously in my search for an internship, whether it was explaining to me the notable differences in the industry between the US and France or adapting my resume and cover letter to a new environment. Thank you again for this opportunity."


Testimonial #7:

"I learned about the Shasta program by contacting the American Friends of Arts & Métiers (AFAM) in order to find an internship or VIE at the end of my studies at Arts et Métiers. I was put in contact with Albina Patou (community manager) who told me about the Shasta program. Albina helped me a lot in terms of how to communicate my application to companies, what form my application should take and which companies to turn to. This allowed me to avoid wasting time in my research and to select only those companies that would interest my future employer. With this in mind, I created several English CVs and wrote an online portfolio in order to maximize my chances of finding a job."

 To know more about our Shasta program, please visit Shasta For Students and Shasta For Mentors pages of our website


Picture: Internship by Nick Youngson CC BY-SA 3.0 Alpha Stock Images