We will all agree that 2020 was defined by the covid-19 pandemic that shook the whole world.

For our community this pandemic meant cancellation of internships and studies abroad, loosing jobs for some of our alumni and review of professional and travel plans for others, no offline gatherings and a lot of ideas - realized and not - for online events!

What else did 2020 bring to AFAM, our school and our community?

January 2020

First time gathering for our Atlanta group to celebrate Epiphany

14 years of Cordée de la Réussite celebrated on Angers campus

February 2020

French Americans Innovation Days (FAID) Conference took place in College Station, TX

AFAM community manager went to NYC to meet NYC-based gadz

March 2020

Lockdown and shelter in place: Arts et Metiers students and alumni in France and the US and the school are affected

AFAM board election was announced. Call for candidates.

First online apero for gadz based in the US was organized

April 2020

Several initiatives relative to Covid-19 are launched: visors fabrication, 3D Covid project, cooperation with Bouchard hospital, GARAS etc.

May 2020

Laval Virtual is held online

June 2020

New AFAM team is elected

A new research master " Advanced Manufacturing and materials Science" launched in partnership with Texas A&M University (TAMU) on Aix-en-Provence campus

July 2020

3 Arts et Metiers engineering students obtained gold medals in regional WorldSkills competition

August 2020

Arts et Metiers activity report 2019 is online

September 2020

First offline gathering in New York after the lockdown

October 2020

Reveille ton Etoile, workshop organized by la SOCE, West Coast group and gadz group of Canada

International Thursdays took place for Lille students in October and November

November 2020

Gadz stories #1 (aerospace), first online thematic event, organized by West Coast group and AFAM

Online welcome chat for parcours US students organized by AFAM

Arts et Metiers Magazine celebrates its 100th anniversary

December 2020

New HydroGadz team is created

Arts et Metiers TV: in search of partnerships

Happy new 2021 to all our community!