In May 2020 board elections took place online. AFAM members could renew our non-profit leadership team by electing new board members.

Here is the new Executive Team and Board of Directors.

Congratulation to Xavier Wartelle (Li 82) and Yarith Phay (Bo 191) on becoming new CEO and Secretary of AFAM.

"We need to preserve what we have built so far and reinforce it. We at AFAM need to maintain the link with the US Gadz community, the Shasta program and our donation flow.  We also need to maintain our excellent relationship with the A&M ecosystem. I think we can improve on each of these points and we can do more! " - said Xavier before being elected as CEO.

All AFAM team and AFAM community would like to thank Eric Benhamou (Ai 72) who has been successfully leading AFAM for 13 consecutive years.

"I was the Founding President in 2007, and am proud of what our founding team has accomplished in over a decade, establishing the Arts et Metiers brand in the US and rallying the Gadz’Arts community. While we do not have term limits in our by-laws, I deeply believe in the benefits of leadership renewal. It is time for a new leader to take this organization to the next stage, who believes like me in the importance of building our community in the US. Xavier Wartelle, who co-founded AFAM with me, has the commitment to serve in this capacity and, together with Marc Amblard as CFO, will do a great job leading our organization. I will continue to support AFAM, as a board member and contributor." - said Eric in May.

Thomas Ferre (Bo 200) stepped down from a Secretary position but will continue to serve on a board supporting our organization.

Thank you, Thomas, for your hard work and dedication!

Marc Amblard (Cl 84) will continue serving as CFO. Six other gadz'arts were reelected:

Jean-Luc Nauleau (An 81), Nicolas Horde (Ai 214), Louis Renaux (Cl 216), Jean Pommier (An 183), Aurore Prévot (Li 98) and Jean-Baptiste Commans (Li 203).

Eric Tran (Ch 94), Mattia Pelissou (Li 216) and Sacha Ghebali remain ex officio members as they lead regional gadz'arts groups in the US.

School will be represented by Audrey Stewart who is AFAM board member since 2010.

Philippe Claret (Ai 178) will remain La SOCE board representative.

Arts et Metiers Foundation will be represented by both Louis Castex and Charles Dehelly (Ch 170). Congratulations to Charles Dehelly who recently became Arts et Metiers Foundation President following Roger Stanchina's departure.

Prof Laurent Champaney, President Arts et Métiers said after the election: "I would first of all like to thank Eric Benhamou for his vision back in 2007 in bringing the Arts et Métiers community together in the US. The many AFAM activities over the last 13 years : the Shasta internship program, student grants , alumni social and networking events, have contributed towards building awareness of the Arts et Métiers brand in the US.  The school is proud to remain part of the AFAM board and looks forward to working with Xavier Wartelle and all board members and alumni to strengthen the Arts et Métiers brand and develop the A&M ecosystem throughout the US."

For more information:

The new Executive Team and Board of Directors

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