ENSAM Director Laurent Carraro delivers his grand reopening speech


On November 21 2013, Laurent Carraro, Director of Arts et Métiers ParisTech and Eric Savattero, Director of the Paris Center, rededicated the two recently renovated laboratories, Laboratoire Bioméchanique (LBM) and the Laboratoire Conception de Produit et Innovation (LCPI).

Begun in 2010, by architect Patrick Mauger Cabinet, the main objective of the the renovation for the two labs was to increase the space available to students and researchers required for academic instruction as well as research.

Both laboratories have ties to the USA, sharing in research projects and exchanges with NYU, Mayo Clinic, Harvard Medical School, and MIT.


labcrashtest labgrandopeningspeech
Biomechanical Lab- crash-test room Améziane Aoussat, LCPI Director,
Eric Savattero, Director of Paris Center,
Wafa Skalli, LBM Director

More about the Laboratory of Biomechanics

2000 m2 renovated facilities are fully dedicated to research in neuro-musculo-skeletal biomechanics. The associated technological platform comprises a unique combination of:
•    In vitro biomechanical analysis equipment for joint and tissue characterization, and for the design and evaluation of surgical techniques and innovative implants, including an experimental surgery room and static or dynamic testing devices.
•    Quantitative in vivo functional analysis, including the EOS system, gait lab, ultrasound elastography device, …
•    Software platform for biomedical modeling and medical imaging
This site has been designed as a scientific hub for reinforcement of education and research links between clinicians, engineers and industry, with a common aim of "better understanding to better innovate, to the service of patients and society”
The announcement of the creation of the “Georges Charpak Human Biomechanics Institute" pays tribute to this brilliant scientist with great humanity who was, together with the Biomechanics Laboratory, the Saint Vincent de Paul hospital and the EOS Imaging Society, at the heart of the design of the EOS System, which constitutes a genuine revolution in low dose 3D imaging of the skeleton.  
The signing of a partnership agreement with the ‘Public Hospitals of Paris’ organisation marks a strong commitment toward reinforcing synergies and pooling of resources.
With these new facilities, Arts et Métiers ParisTech is structured to achieve the goal of contributing to 21st century medical technology.

For more information:
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