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On November 9th was organized the first Grand-prix-Gadz of the San Francisco Bay area. As we are in the Silicon Valley, we were lucky to drive some very high tech electric Go-karts! Not that noisy and surprisingly powerful! All the go-karts we ran on were on a remote safety control system that we experienced quite a bit during tumultuous spinouts…

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After some trials, we ran a round of qualification to determine the order on the stating line. It was time for the very challanging grand prix, and everyone wanted to go back home with the Zident-Kart award !

We had a lot of fun and were glad to let Adrien Monvoisin Cl 204, who organized the event, win the race... Actually, he let us lose and was obviously more trained than most of us, his title is well deserved and we all hope to challenge him very soon!


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