We are delighted to welcome our first permanent Arts et Metiers ParisTech Representative in the US, Rizlene Bouchemoua. She started with us on December 1st. Here is, in her own words, her introduction to the Arts et Metiers community in the US ...

"... I just got hired as the permanent Arts et Metiers ParisTech Representative in the United States. I work in San Francisco between PRIME company (Paris Region International Mission Enterprise) and Benhamou Global Ventures to promote our school to both students, universities, and companies.

My principal objectives are the following:

  • Ensure a permanent link between Arts et Metiers ParisTech and its current and prospective partner universities. Above all, we are willing to strengthen our relationships with UC Berkeley (partnership agreement signed in February 2011), MIT, and Georgia Tech. In that subject, Audrey Stewart (Head of International Relations office), Jean Marie Castelain (Deputy General Director in charge of International Relations), Marc Lassagne (Responsible of our Academic and Scientific Relations with American universities) and I are planning to go visit some American universities in February. As well, after that date, I will do some visits by myself.
  • Promote Arts et Metiers ParisTech's graduate programs in order to attract high level students. Since September, Arts et Metiers ParisTech has created a Masters of Science program for foreign students. This new program is accessible with a Bachelor's degree and allow students to choose from a wide selection of specializations in Science and Technology. In return, we would like to send more Arts et Metiers ParisTech students study in the United States.
  • Help Arts et Metiers ParisTech students find internships in the US. We hope to get more industrial and research internships for our students.
  • Be the connection for Arts et Metiers Paris Tech students in the US. I will be glad to anwer students questions about the visa process, the accomodation, the life here...If you have any question, do not hesitate to email me!
  • Participate in the AFAM missions. I will take care of the AFAM website, participate in AFAM fundraising efforts, organize the AFAM dinners...

My email address : or