The International Relations team at Arts et Métiers ParisTech is presently visiting top-ranked American Universities in the US in order to reinforce partnerships in research and education. Participating in this 11 day visit (Feb 20 to March 1) are Prof. Jean Marie Castelain (Deputy General Director in charge of International Affairs at Arts et Metiers ParisTech), Audrey Stewart (Head of International Office), Dr. Marc Lassagne (Scientific and academic coordinator for partnerships in the US), and myself, Rizlene Bouchemoua, Arts et Métiers Representative in the US.

Meetings and discussions with Chairs of departments, researchers and graduate admissions officers are being organized in 6 top American universities:

  • MIT (Boston)
  • New York University (New York)
  • Georgia Institute of Technology (Atlanta)
  • UC Santa Barbara (Santa Barbara)
  • UC Berkeley (Berkeley)
  • Stanford University (Stanford)


In terms of student mobility, our objective over the next 4 years is 200 students on mobility to the US each year, 100 in MSc programs top universities and 100 in internship programs. We are building on research collaboration or interest from researchers at Arts et Métiers in order to reinforce partnerships with universities, our role being to facilitate these collaborations.

Arts et Métiers now offers a full 2 year MSc program in English, so we are also promoting this to US universities during the visit.

Our strategy is ambitious but we strongly believe that research is the key to successful and fruitful collaborations for the future.