Once a month we would like to feature a member of our US based alumni community. We hope this serves as a way to stay in touch and get to know one another despite the grand size of the US.

Alumni Yarith Phay (Bo 91) is our first AFAM member profile. Thank you Yarith for sharing with us!

1. Tell us about your career path and area of expertise today. How did it come about?

I am a software engineer, specialized in service-oriented-architecture (SOA) and big data. I am currently managing projects and programs corporate wide.

2. What do you do every day at work? How does being a Gadz'Arts help you in your everyday tasks and team management?

I work with our various departments and product groups to rationalize our processes and improve our operational efficiency, resilience to risks and information security. A critical task for any company growing at a rapid pace organically and through acquisitions. Being a gadz'arts taught me to work in a team environment with experts from various fields (technical and non-technical). A skill as important as being curious, able to see the big picture and adapt quickly!

3. How did you come to the US- why and when? How is your work life different than in France?

I came to the Bay Area for a business trip. I loved it so much that I immediately asked my boss to transfer. Since, it has been impossible for me to leave this beautiful place. Many countries try to reproduce the chemistry of the Silicon Valley, and to date I am not sure anyone succeeded.

4. What is the best advice someone ever gave you? Why?

Not exactly an advice, I often think of the following quote from Mahatma Gandhi "You must be the change you want to see in the world". It helps me refocus and move forward.

5. What is one favorite way to spend your free time (hobbies, weekend activities)?

My favorite hobby is to spend time with my two daughters. The next one is to dance rock n'roll, which I learnt with friends at ENSAM Boardeaux. Unfortunately no one around me wants to dance acrobatic rock n'roll!

Thank you to Yarith for sharing his thoughts with us. AFAM appreciates your support!