On March 11th, AFAM participated in International Week organized by Arts et Metiers.

International Week attracts students who are interested in studying or working abroad. It is a very successful and useful event as speakers can share their experience of international mobility with Arts et Metiers students. AFAM has participated in this event for several years.

This year one of our Shasta students - Lancelot Danne (Li 219) - who is currently working as intern for a Californian company - shared his experience of searching and finding his current internship in the US. Besides, AFAM community manager Albina presented AFAM activities as well as Shasta and Yosemite programs. Our alumni Nicolas Horde and Jean Pommier, both members of the Shasta commitee, could also join this meeting to introduce themselves to the students and reply to their questions.

AFAM was happy to see all the students and will be glad to invite them to our future events. Our next online event is scheduled for April 8th. To know more about visas, please sign up to be able to participate in our next event.

To know more about International Week

To know more about Shasta program

To know more about Yosemite program

International Week_2022_AFAM presentation.png

AFAM presentation on the screen during the meeting

International Week_2022.png

Lancelot Danne presenting his experience of a Shasta student