On June 16th AFAM organized a welcome meeting with parcours US and Georgia Tech Lorraine (GTL) students. There were more than 60 students present at this virtual event.

The program included:

1. Short introduction of all AFAM speakers ( we skipped students' introductions as there were so many participants!)

2. Presentation of AFAM and Shasta program given by Patrice Brossard (Bo 95), AFAM member of operations committe and DG Amériques (Houston, TX) and Albina Patou-Chebykina, AFAM community manager

3. Testimonials of gadz based in the US and France, sharing their US University experience:

Sacha Ghebali (Bo 211), AFAM, president du groupe East Coast, NYC, MIT alumnus

Nicolas Horde (Ai 214), AFAM, president of Atlanta groupe, Atlanta, GA, GT alumnus ( former parcours US student)

Mattia Pelissou (Li 216), AFAM, president of West Coast group, SF, CA, UC Berkeley alumnus ( former parcours US student)

Erwan Gader (Bo 217), current Columbia University student and intern in NYC

Thibaud Martin-Pico (Ai 216), Stanford alumnus ( former parcours US  student)

4. Q/A session

We would like to congratulate all our students! Welcome to the US and see you soon!

Please read more about our:

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Pictures: Thibaud, Sacha, Mattia and Patrice during the meeting with the students