On the occasion of our Shasta Month, we decided to collect some testimonials from our Shasta students.

What does Shasta program and mentorship mean for our students?

Jules Ehrbar (Me 216): “My mentor helped me find good start-ups or companies which could hire me. Positive aspects of this mentorship were his experience of being an expat in the US for long years and his knowledge of the American employment market.”

Omar Najid (Bo 217): “SHASTA program is a good opportunity for young engineering students to widen their network and build an international project abroad. AFAM provided me assistance in my internship search and in adapting my CV to the American standards, so I was able to apply for any opportunity within US with a good apprehension of the expectations. Getting an internship in the US is challenging but with AFAM’s help the process is intelligible and the international experience you have always been dreaming of is much more attainable"

Antoine Gurtler (Bo 217): “I had to do my 6-month internship between July 2019 and February 2020. Highly motivated working in aeronautics and traveling around the world, I had set such a target as find an internship in the US. I contacted the AFAM and particularly Albina Patou-Chebykina explaining my project. The AFAM helped me and advised me in my internship search allowing me joining the Shasta program. I have had Jean-Christophe Boulon as a mentor, an Arts et Métiers engineer working at Safran in California. After four hard working months, I managed to get a 6-month internship at Dassault Falcon Jet Little Rock, Arkansas. I was involved in the Tooling Engineering team and responsible to design aeronautics tools (Catia V5) to support the production. I managed the projects for its life cycle including determine the real need, study the concept, design a tool to match the requirements and make the delivery. Before going to Little Rock, I made an application for a financial aid from The AFAM and the association gave me a $2000 grant and $2000 loan allowing me starting my life in Little Rock buying a car for example. I would like to thank the AFAM for everything. By the way I would like to come back to the US finding a one-year VIE in New York City.”


Jordan Mbeleg (Li 216): “I am very appreciative of the mentoring offered to me by Yacine (mentor)  and Albina (AFAM community manager) through the Shasta Program. Thanks to them, my mindset on how to apprehend the US job market has drastically changed. I am confident that I will be able to secure a Full-time job in the US next year after my graduation at Georgia Tech. Go Shasta!”

Sébastien Sequeira (Bo 216): “As I had been selected for Georgia Tech dual degree with Arts et Métier, I wanted this academic experience to be enhanced with an internship in the US. However I had no contact within the US at all. Thus, I started to email heads of international studies at Arts et Métiers administration who eventually led me to Albina Patou and after several discussions with her, I finally obtained my mentor, Jean Pommier. He helped me a lot defining my objectives since I had no fixed professional project. I worked with him for my motivation letters. He gave me different advises which helps me have an insight of American demands regarding internships. Moreover, he reached out some friends from different companies I had apply to, especially Tesla. Even though it doesn’t work for me, I am really grateful for his support. It made me learn a lot about myself, how to highlight my advantages and how to adapt my applications to different fields and type of companies. Now that I have a better idea of American companies’ expectations, I will try again to find an internship in January 2021. I would like to thank Albina as well, since she spent a lot of time to help me improve my resume and get some contacts in different companies. She is always eager to push me and find new opportunities.”

Marius Moreira (Bo 216): “I would like to thank a lot the AFAM for the support I received during this tricky phase of internship search. Mrs. Patou was really available to answers my interrogations, she gave me real valuable advices. Thanks to my participation to this program, I know now a lot on recruitment process in the US, and I will be well trained if I want to apply again in the coming months or years.”


Saint Just Adhémar  (Cl 218): “SHASTA helped me a lot to understand the American system and to adapt my applications.”

Salim Gaci ( Li 217): "My mentor was really available, eager to help and benevolent.”

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