On November 30, 2010, the AFAM Silicon Valley chapter held its annual holiday celebration dinner at Cabana hotel in Mountain
View.The crowd present was larger than in previous years, and for the first time combined 3 generations around the same dinner
table, with a few alumni’s children and parents. Participants included Olivier Brozowski, Yarith Phay, Jean-Christophe Depetris,
Laura Ferrandand her parents, Merwan Ben Habib, Jean Prevost, Aurore Prevost, Nicolas Delporte, Jean-Marc Mommessin,
Amaury de Closset, Luc-Emmanuel Barreau, Xavier Wartelle et Eric Benhamou. During the dinner Xavier Wartelle gave a report on
the first year of the Shasta program, which was followed by a rich discussion. Eric Benhamou reminded the group of the
mission and objectives of AFAM, and of the importance of making a financial contribution before year end, in tune with
the values of fraternity and solidarity imprintedupon the school since its creation.