As you all certainly know, AFAM is a non-profit association being able to help our student financially thanks to our donors.

Thanks to of our biggest donors - Louis Magne (An 130) - AFAM was able a few years ago to offer Shasta grants to our students and apprentice students pursuing internships in the United States.

In March AFAM had a pleasure to help five out of our current eleven interns in the United States.

5 students and apprentice students received in March Shasta grants from $1500 up to $4000.

We congratulate our students and wish them all the best in their future endeavors!

Here is what one of our Shasta recipients said:

"I was able to benefit from the support of AFAM as part of my search for an end-of-study internship at Arts et Métiers. I have always dreamed of doing an internship in a country like the United States and this dream has come true thanks to the help received from AFAM.

I am very satisfied with the support received by AFAM, Albina has always been there to inform me, answer my questions, send me offers, give me contacts or even share my CV. My mentor has also always been there to advise me, encourage me and give me feedback on his experiences from the US. 

I therefore take this opportunity to thank them once again."