Goodbye 2022 and hello the new 2023! What did 2022 bring to Arts et Metiers community in the US, to the school, la SOCE and the Foundation?

Let's look back and recall some important events of the past year.

January 2022

Thierry Lucotte ( Cl 77) is elected president at la SOCE

February 2022

AFAM launched a new Yosemite program for gadz'arts entrepreneurs

Laurent Champaney renewed his mandate as Arts et Metiers president

March 2022

Arts et Metiers and Karlsruher Institut für Technology (KIT) celebrate 25 years of partnership

April 2022

First gadz US Energy network in-person gathering took place in Houston

AFAM organized an online event to talk about American visas

AFAM took place in Arts et Metiers entrepreneurship ecosystem meeting

May 2022

AFAM organized BBQ and pool party in Saratoga, CA

June 2022

In May and June 2022 Arts et Metiers campus in Aix-en-Provence welcomed 43 Texas A&M students participating in study abroad program

July 2022

Bordeaux campus welcomes 21th Ariane cities summer school

August 2022

Arts et Metiers parcours US students arrived in the US for their master's year in one of American Universities

September 2022

Aix-en-Provence campus has a new director - Féthi Ben Ouezdou and opens its MediastiAM space

October 2022

AFAM launched a new Sequoia program for Arts et Metiers studetns and alumni

November 2022

AFAM participated in International Week

AFAM community manager visited Paris, Lille and Châlons-en-Champagne campuses to meet students and teams

December 2022

La Fondation Arts et Metiers launched L'Esprit Sorcier TV