Monday advice #1 to A&M students by Basma Aiouche ( Cl 214)

You are going to study in the US! How to finance your master?

To find financing for your studies, you might have different options. Do not hesitate to explore some/all of them:

  • Bourses Louis Magne (around 12000 euros)
  • Fellowships offered by your university (around $10000 dollars)
  • Fulbright Grants
  • Regional grants in France
  • Social grants (on social criteria)
  • Companies’ sponsorships
  • 0% loans provided by SOCE (up to $3000)
  • Bank loans
  • Research assistantship (only for MS and PhD)
  • Teacher assistantship (only for MS and PhD)
  • Grading papers (around 13$/hour)

Basma Aiouche's full Louis Magne report is available on our website (you need to sign up first):