AFAM: Hello Alain, and thank you for your time! Please tell me, how did you first hear about AFAM?

Alain: I moved to the United States at the end of 2008, the day after the Lehman brother’s bank collapsed. I initially planned to stay for a few years as an expatriate, but I never left New England and eventually relocated with my wife and kids.

At that time, AFAM already had a presence on the internet with an initial website and was contacting the growing population of alumni located within the US through emails and LinkedIn profiles.

AFAM: When did you decide to help AFAM and become our mentor? What was your motivation? Please tell us a few words about your mentorship experience.

Alain: I was contacted by AFAM to support French students who were looking for a US internship. I had paired up with students in the past, and we worked together to equip them for their future challenges. I love to help people discover their calling. Having worked in many different countries (Mexico, Germany, China…), I also gained much cross-cultural experience that can be very useful. In addition, I am deeply involved with the local state universities here in Massachusetts, and I serve as a panelist and help students prepare for the workplace environment.

AFAM: Do you have any previous experience volunteering for any non-profit organization? Any help you provided to non-profits when you were still a student at Arts et Métiers?

Alain: Back in France and starting as a high school kid, I volunteered in many sports and cultural activities. I think it prepares us for life and a career by developing the soft and hard skills needed later to succeed.

Today, being in charge of American operations, I do travel a lot. However, I still try to volunteer as often as I can. I am also involved at a local level in sports activities and several business organizations. It has helped me meet fascinating and diverse people that I would not have met otherwise, and volunteering is very strong here, especially at the community level.

AFAM: What would you like to wish to the AFAM team?

Alain: AFAM has been around for quite a while and has expanded substantially over the last few years. Congratulations to the team, and I wish many others will join the organization and be active. I hope that our alumni and students can enjoy the many services offered by AFAM. With an ever-growing alumni and student population attracted to the USA, AFAM is like a compass and serves anybody who would like to contribute or is just interested in US opportunities.

AFAM: thank you, Alain, for your time!


Photo: courtesy of Alain Mutschler

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